File Guru

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File Guru

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ATL Area: Self-Management

ATL Skill: Keep an organised & logical system of information files/ notebooks


The way we organise our files and resources is vital when trying to work efficiently. Creating a clear organisational structure makes accessing, sharing and editing work easier.

To earn this badge:

Create a system to organise the resources, documents and websites you aim to use for school work.

Your should be able to show:


– A clear structure for organising websites that you use for school using a structure that makes use of online tools  such as Pinterest or Evernote to organise resources for different subjects

– A clear structure for managing documents in Google Drive that is organised by subject

– Subfolders within each subject folder for different MYP units

– A file structure in Google Drive that shows the movement files from “shared with me” into appropriate folders in “my drive”

– Evidence of a consistent method of note taking that is organised appropriately for different subjects


When you have done this you can apply for the badge!


To apply:

– Take a screenshot(s) of your computer screen that shows your file structure.

-Upload the picture to Google Drive and make it public.

-Copy and paste the link into the box below

-Include your name too!


Once your organisation skills have been verified you will receive a notification that the badge is now visible on your profile!

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