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Media Maestro

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ATL Area: Communication

ATL Skill: Collaborate with peers and experts using a variety of digital environments and        media


One of the benefits of digital technology is the way in which it promotes collaboration. Collaboration is an important tool to allow us to learn from each other and work together to improve the standard of our work. Good collaboration through digital environments is shaped by a mixture of encouragement, appropriate questioning and constructive feedback.


To earn this badge:

Show communication skills by providing examples of digital collaboration with classmates. This can be done through using the “Comments” function when working together in a Google Doc or commenting on a classmate’s blog.

This should include:


– Comments that have internet links included that are related to the topic of the writing to promote deeper inquiry, including links to Twitter accounts of industry experts

– Comments that provide constructive feedback to promote classmates to think about their work and make changes for improvement

– Comments that inspire reflection by explaining a detailed, different perspective to the topic of writing

– Comments that relate to each other to show a theme to your thought process when looking over someone else’s work

– Comments that explain what you have personally found out by asking questions to industry experts through Twitter and how what you have found out relates to the piece of work you are commenting on


When you have written five comments in a Google doc that cover all of the above points when put together or One comment in a blog that covers all above points, you can apply for the badge!


To apply:

– Paste the link to the blog or document in the box below

– If you commented in a Google Doc, share the document you have commented on with

– Type your name in the box, too!


Once your commenting skills have been verified you will receive a notification that the badge is now visible on your profile!

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