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ATL Area: Communication

ATL Skill: “Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers”

Working together with classmates and teachers is a great way to increase knowledge. Doing this digitally using Google Classroom is a great way for you to take an active role in the learning process with your teachers and classmates.


To earn this badge:

I’m sure a lot of you will now be using Google Classroom in your different classes. To earn this badge, all you have to do is explain why you feel that using Google Classroom helps you to “Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers“.


Your explanation should include a reason why Classroom helps you to gain the ATL Skill.

To apply: 

– Take a screenshot of your Google Classroom screen from one of your classes.

– Upload the screenshot to Google Drive and make it viewable for “anyone with the link”.

– Insert the link into the badge application form below.

Once your application has been verified you will receive a notification that the badge is now visible on your profile!