Info Assistant

Badge icon "Library (6857)" provided by Pieter J. Smits, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Info Assistant

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ATL Skill: Research


It is highly important that appropriate credit is given to the sources you have used when completing an assignment. Sometimes we all need a little assistance with this.

This badge is for students who have offered assistance to a classmate to help them with referencing.

This could involve helping a friend to ensure appropriate referencing has been done in an assignment or to check that links inserted into assignments are correct.

This badge is awarded by nomination. If someone has helped you with organising resources then you can nominate them as a reward! TIP: You can only nominate someone if you have received the Info Hero badge!

Click on the “Nominate” button below and write the name of who you would like to nominate and how they helped you.