Media Literate

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Media Literate

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ATL Area: Thinking

ATL Skill: Interacting with media to use and create ideas and information

Interaction with digital technology allows us to shape our ideas and publish information. This can be done in a variety of ways. An example of this is the creation of movies that are uploaded and shared with classmates and teachers.

Have you used a phone or iPad to record a film clip and transferred it to your computer for editing before sharing online for classmates and teachers to see? Great! You can apply for the Media Literate badge!


To earn this badge:

Provide information about how you have made use of various types of technology to create projects such as video or audio and how you have transferred them to another device and shared online for others to see.

To apply:

 Provide information by clicking on the button below that details the steps you took create and share media content 


Once your media skills have been verified you will receive a notification that the badge is now visible on your profile!