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Blogging Champ

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ATL Area: Communication

ATL Skill: Use appropriate forms of writing for different purposes and audiences

A great way to communicate online is by creating a blog. Blogging is like writing a diary, where you can see a development of thoughts over time. A blog allows you to provide information for other people and share opinions regarding the work you have been doing in class. It is also a great way to identify appropriate writing styles for different audiences. Tip: You can also upload videos and pictures into your blog!
To earn this badge:

Create a blog using a popular blogging platform. A good one to begin with is Blogger as it is linked to your school email account.

Your blog should contain:


– Detailed reflections about learning taking place in a class, offering insights into ways that you approached tasks and how this could be improved in future

– A clear connection between posts showing a development of ideas

– The appropriate use of media to supplement the content of your posts

– Blog posts stimulate online debate amongst others in the year group

– All sources are referenced in the posts by providing links to original digital texts


When you have written five posts you can apply for the badge!


To apply: 

– Paste the link your blog into the “Apply” section below.

– Type your name in the box, too.


Once your blog has been verified you will receive a notification that the badge is now visible on your profile!

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