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Info Hero

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ATL Area: Research

ATL Skill: Locate, organise, analyse, evaluate, synthesize and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media


Finding information online is a highly important skill. Once we have found what we need, it is crucial that we organise the resources in a way that makes them easy to find and reference. Above all, it is vital that appropriate referencing is  evident to give the original author of work to give credit for original work. Tip: Use “advanced search” options in Google to organise results by date!

To earn this badge:

Create a system to organise the resources and websites you aim to use for school work.

Your should be able to show:


– Evidence of how you have given credit to the sources you have used in an assignment

– The thought process of why you chose some resources over others- what made them appropriate?

– Details of how you structured a web search to maximise the quality of results found

– The use of online media that is free to reuse (This can be searched for via

– The appropriate referencing method for items found through “Creative Commons” (info can be found here:


When you have done this you can apply for the badge!


To apply:

– Write a description of how you have found resources and why you chose to use them for a school assignment. (Tip: Writing “I used Google.” is NOT enough!)

– Copy and paste a text example of how you referenced from a school assignment you have completed.

– Explain how you used Creative Commons to both find material and reference free to reuse online media

– Don’t forget to include your name!


When you have done this you can apply for the badge!

Once evidence of your skill has been verified you will receive a notification that the badge is now visible on your profile!

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