Social Ninja

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Social Ninja

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ATL Area: Social

ATL Skill: Use social media networks appropriately to build and develop relationships


The way in which we interact with the online networks we use allows to maximise our communication and organising skills as effectively as possible. It also allows us to learn as much as possible from each other and from subject teachers.

To earn this badge:

Show how you can communicate effectively online within social networks.

Your should be able to show:


– An understanding of how ManageBac is used as an essential tool for finding information and communicating with teachers

– A blog that you use for school work that shows appropriate communication between you, classmates, your teacher and other people that have been drawn to your blog due to your activity in online discussions regarding the topic of writing

– Examples of other social networks that you use to help you with school work (Pinterest, Twitter, etc)


When you have done this you can apply for the badge!


To apply:

-Write a description of how you successfully use Managebac to stay up to date with what is happening in class and communicate with teachers

– Describe other social networks and how you have made use of them for school, including how you have appropriately interacted with others in order to assist with academic progress

– Paste a link to your blog

-Include your name too!


When you have done this you can apply for the badge!

Once your social skills have been verified you will receive a notification that the badge is now visible on your profile!

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