Homepage Hero: Mille from 9p !


Congratulations Mille! You are our first Homepage Hero from 9p!

ATL Area: Communication

ATL Skill: “Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers”

Mille has shown a very productive use of Google Classroom in achieving her learning goals. Her three main reasons for why Google Classroom helps her strengthen ATL skills are as follows:



  1. Using google classroom allows my classmates and I an opportunity to contribute to the class with our ideas without having the fear and pressure of standing in front of all the students.
  2. Every student gets the chance to engage in classroom by adding links and additional useful information which could help their peers.
  3. Finally by using Google classroom, teachers are able to create documents that are specialised for each student. Then simply by clicking the ‘turn in’ button, it is automatically uploaded onto the platform. Compared to managebac (which is great for summative tasks, because it gives you time to decide if you are really done) where you have to click to find the file, then select it and upload which can take longer.

Keep up the good work, Mille!

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