Homepage Hero: Mitchel from 10v!

Badge icon "Brain (6728)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons CC0 - No Rights ReservedATL Skill: “Interacting with media to use and create ideas and information”

Awesome work Mitchel, you are our latest Homepage Hero! Mitchel was awarded this Homepage Hero award for his detailed description of how to capture video footage on a mobile device, upload it to a laptop, edit and publish. Check out his description below!

I created my media by filming on an iPhone. Furthermore, I transferred it to my school computer and into iMovie. On iMovie I added background music as well as overlaying clips. To share it digitally with others, I uploaded it to google drive and sent out the link.

He was also able to explain how doing this meets the requirement for showing this ATL skill:

My skill/video matches the ATL below because I have used various different types of media to be able to develop and finalise the ideas and the information put into the video.”

Great job Mitchel!


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